Anxiety Courses

The effects of Anxiety can have a significant effect on many people lives. Anxiety can  effectively managed and the daily impact greatly reduced 

Overcoming Anxiety

Starting January 2020, various days and times available. Small groups of up to 8 people.

Run by an Approved Anxiety UK Therapist. Course is approximatly 4 hours.

Course includes:

* Understanding what Anxiety is and the possible causes
* Understand the different anxiety related conditions
* Signs and symptoms of Anxiety
* Coping strategies
* The use of hypnosis and deep relaxation (self hypnosis will be taught)
* Overcoming and eliminating anxiety from your life
* Building confidence and self-esteem
* Identifying and achieving goals/ambitions for the future
* Handouts, MP3 downloads, CD's and anxiety/stress relief gadgets included

This course is designed to help people understand, cope with, and eliminate anxiety from their lives. It is fun and informative and will support attendees to have the confidence to make positive changes and improvements to their lives. It is held in a friendly and relaxing environment and provides an opportunity to meet other people who understand the difficulties of living with anxiety. This course is suitable for anybody who has any anxiety or stress related condition.  Atendees will not be asked to participate in any form or role play or to present any personal details unless they wish to do so.   Family, carers and support workers may also find this course helpful.

The total cost of four hour course is £45. This includes all handouts, downloads, CD's and a range of anxiety/stress relieving gadgets.

Please message me for futher information

Anxiety Specialist
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