At Hawthorns, we use a range of therapies which are tailor made to meet your individual needs.  To aid your hypnotherapy session you may also receive Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, EMDR, and EFT  depending upon your circumstances


The treatment will be carried out in a friendly and comfortable environment designed to maximise the benefits of your sessions.    Non Alcoholic refreshments are available.


We work with the following issues:


• Weight loss                                                             • Stress                                                           • Hypnotic Gastric Band                                          • Anxiety                            
(Hypno-Band - Licensed Practitioner)                   • Panic Attacks                                   
• Smoking                                                                  • Depression                                                 • Addictions                                                               • Insomnia                                       
• Confidence                                                              • Pain Management                                    • Self esteem                                                              • Childbirth  
• Interview success                                                   • Infertility
• Age Regression                                                       • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
• Past Life Regression                                               • Phobias                                                      • Performance Anxiety                                             • Abuse
• Motivation                                                               • Grief
• Public Speaking                                                      • Bereavement  
• Pre-exam Nerves                                                   • Medical Conditions  
• Fears and Habits                                                    • Fear of Surgery 


The most common issues we see at Hawthorns are weight loss,  stopping smoking, and Anxiety issues.  In light of the importance of these treatments we have  dedicated courses of treatment which are covered in greater detail on other pages 




exhilarating !

"I have now completed a few sessions with Dawn and can honestly say I feel so much better in my self. I was very sceptical at first as I have always felt it quite impossible to relax and clear my mind.

When I leave my session I feel rested, positive, and exhilarated. It is quite remarkable. Thanks for such a good job Hawthorns. I will be coming to you for a long time yet! "


Help with sleeping

I went to Dawn to seek help with insomnia. She was very friendly and understanding. She gave me some advice to help me sleep and after diagnosing the root cause developed a series of tailor made hypnotherapy sessions which really helped. I now sleep so much better and all without needing medication. I can definately recommend.

DougJ 6 May 2019